A Day in the Florida Everglades

After our time in Miami and Key West, it was time for us to spend a day in the Everglades. Admittedly, we didn’t really go at the right time of year. It was too hot to do any guided tours through the Everglades, but since we were there, we figured we’d check it out anyway. Plus we had already booked our hotel.


Since we were driving from Key West, we entered the Everglades at the Royal Palm entrance near Homestead where we would stay. I never knew the Everglades was a huge river, not a swamp. Or that the Everglades dominates almost the entire southern tip of Florida. Or that the alligators are just a few feet away from you when you visit. Interesting…

Since we couldn’t do a tour, we were slightly limited, but the visit was still worth our while.

Below: Can you spot the gator?


If you plan to visit, I would recommend going in the fall or winter when you can see more animals. Seeing just a few gators was already exciting enough for me though.

After visiting the Everglades, we visited the Alligator Farm, not least of all because it included an airboat ride, which was on my to-do list in the Everglades. If you go to the Alligator Farm, you can see a lot of animals in cages, (I didn’t investigate if this was a sanctuary so if that is important to you its best to look it up), and some guys wrestling an alligator, but whatever you do go on the airboat!

Below: Gator snuggles



Ear muffs, spraying water soaking us, dramatic clouds, the airboat tour was everything I hoped for. And I found it incredible how the boat only needs 1-2 inches of water to take off.

Below: watching the thunder roll in to my right, and peaceful serenity to my left


Below: See the vultures posted up on the palm trees?


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