Travel Tip: Beat the line at the Louvre with an alternate entrance

Whether its your first time or your 50th time in Paris, chances are you might like to visit the Louvre.

Waiting lines to get in at the Louvre can take ages, and after you’re done replaying the scene from Da Vinci Code in your head while gazing the iconic pyramids, you might get a little bored waiting in line.

Here’s a time saver to avoid long waits at the Louvre.

There’s a secret door. Really. Ok, so its not exactly a secret, but most people don’t know about it, and going this alternate route will help you get in much faster.

To beat the line, enter through the Le Carrousel du Louvre on Rue de Rivoli. See the map below – this entrance can be accessed via Metros 1 and 7 at the Palais Royale – Musee du Louvre stop.

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 6.40.17 PM.png

Once you enter Le Carrousel you’ll go downstairs into an underground shopping area. Walk past the shops and toward the upside-down pyramid, and you’ll find the other ticket office.

After a few minutes wait, you are in! Voilà ! and without the long wait


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